Glazed and Confused

There are Spring treats to be had if you take care.
I think what I love most about this season is it is reborn yearly from the tumult that is a winter to spring transition.

I don’t know about ya’ll (all three of you!), but these last few weeks have really tested my faith and the only lesson I’ve learned coming out is this..

How grateful and how blessed we are to have each other to lean on in times of distress. And for the stubborn kind of love that is unconditional, unassuming, never self seeking, kind but firm…and always inclined to the Truth.

If you’re not inclined to take a sweet, at least take a picture 🙂

@Collabor88 March 2023
Dahlia – Vintage Romance – Floral Cake – Dispenser
Dahlia – Vintage Romance – Ice Sweet Tea – Dispenser
Dahlia – Vintage Romance – Ice Sweet Tea – Extra Glass
. tiptoes – Carrot Cupcakes Serving Plate – Pastel
KitCat – Tea Amo Vintage Kettle (Decor)
KitCat – Tea Amo Cannister Tea (Decor)
KitCat – Tea Amo Lemons (Decor)
KitCat – Tea Amo Vintage Tea Cup, Pearls,Spoon and Dish (Decor)
KitCat – Tea Amo Cannister Sugar (Decor)
KitCat – Tea Amo Cannister Coffee (Decor)
KitCat – Tea Amo Heart Pearls (Decor)

@Farmers Market Anniversary Edition Last Day!
BALACLAVA!! Donuts Stall
BALACLAVA!! Donuts Display Case
BALACLAVA!! Donut Pops
BALACLAVA!! Donuts Menu Board
BROKEN ARROWS – Flower Market – Sunflowers – Blue Worn
BROKEN ARROWS – Flower Market – Sunflowers – White Worn

@Elm Mainstore Release
Elm. Elara Mini-Garden Fence Collection

Dahlia – GardenTrack – Pavers

Dahlia – Clarina – Cafe Table
Dahlia – Clarina – Cafe Chair
Dahlia – Good Morning – Deep Plate – Marble
Dahlia – Loulou’s Lemonade – Milk Glass – Lemons /White
DISORDERLY. / Framing Daisies
Ariskea[Marielyn] Spring Daisy [White]
Ariskea[Lucky] Clover Hedge & Topiary
Half-Deer+ Hanging Dried Flowers
Half-Deer+ English Ivy – Sprawling
[Tia] Five a day – Hooked String of Lemons
Elm. Juniper Garden Party “Lantern”
Konoha Wisteria Imaze

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