Bountiful Buffet

Beautifully curated dishes from talented artists, we are truly blessed that they are a part of our community.

For without them, without the dreamers that work the work of 3D designing, without those hours, without those days, you and I, fellow scroller, picture taker-er, would not have such glorious things to capture.

The symbiotic relationship between the photographer/artist and the subject, will always be a source of inspiration and I am so grateful it exists.

Do be sure to peruse the details… I’ve included several dishes from Cinoe, whose main store will be closing later this month, as well as Trompe Loeil’s newest release for FaMeshed.

@FaMESHed Sept. 2022
Trompe Loeil – Kimbra Modern Ranch

[Cinoe] Glorious morning – open sandwich (Egg)
[Cinoe] Glorious morning – open sandwich (Avocado)
[Cinoe] Glorious morning – open sandwich (Tomato)
(Cinoe will be closing permanently this month!
There is a main store sale with everything 50%, rebate after purchase)

other goods-
[Cinoe] Prairie delicatessen – Avocado salad Plate
[Cinoe] Sweet Lovin’ you – Fruit punch (Dispenser)
Dahlia & KraftWork . Jora Collection . Dining Table
Dahlia & KraftWork . Jora Collection . Pumpkin Center Piece
Dahlia & KraftWork . Jora Collection . Wooden Candle Holder
KraftWork Round Chafing Buffet . Copper
KraftWork Chafing Dish Buffet . Copper
KraftWork Round Chafing Buffet . Bonus Utensils 2
KraftWork Round Chafing Buffet . Carving Station Gold
KraftWork Fall Ribbon Wreath
KraftWork Beets & Tomatoes B
KraftWork Fall Cozy Clutter
Sari-Sari – Turon Plate (Giver)
Sari-Sari – Kitchen Essentials – Clock Scale RARE
tarte. fall leaf garland (fresh) – scattered
MudHoney Table Runner
Apple Fall Cushion – Fall Forest, Charcoal
Apple Fall Cushion – Embossed Trellis, Dove Grey
Apple Fall Chester Outdoor Dining Chair
Elm. Alisa Dining Decor ~ Bowl Stack
Your Dream {YD} Coffee break – Coffee bottle
dust bunny . tabletop plants . monstera leaves
dust bunny . paradise plants . fan palm
Konoha – Bambusa pilar
ZAKER : Plants wall Decor BlkIron


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