A new chapter

We ain’t about it, the expectations of this world..

This last week I have been spending some time recovering from a surgery that I rescheduled at least three times since the summer of 2021.

It went smoothly and so hopefully my SL activity will pick up somewhat. But in that short absence, it was good to remember why I came back, yet again, to Cozey, and to SL in general.

I love the creativity & imagination of our community. Not just in photography, or media, or asset creation, or even visual content…but even when we’re helping out each other, the ingenuity and ideas are inspiring.

I guess that is why I kept this scene simple today. To be reminded that sometimes you can be ‘full’ & ‘satiated’ with just a few things ❤

@Access August 2022
Pitaya – Clothesline Green (flying sheets)
Pitaya – Clothesline – Basket
Pitaya – Clothesline – Sheet on the floor

Other goods-
Konoha – Dandelions
Konoha – Lavender fields
Pitaya – Journey – Awning YELLOW
Pitaya – Journey – Travel trailer YELLOW
Pitaya – Wood Curtains NATURAL
Atelier Burgundy . Simple Wall & Cobogo . Stucco
Kalopsia – Laundry Shelf
Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden – Laundry Hanger
PLAAKA DryingRack
taikou / detergent box
[ zerkalo ] Evelin’s Bathroom – Rolled Towels
dust bunny . hanging plants . ivy planter
Zigana . birdhouse . cheer
Cube Republic Spider Plant Stand & Pups
JIAN Lively Labs :: Laundry Pup

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