Rest Haven

Some things stay the same, and some things have to change.

Being an extrovert comes with an understanding that the alone times, the centering times, the self care times, gives the fuel and the magic we need to feel grounded.

I am the type to ‘fly off the handle’ when I am deficient in this area. I’m always thankful for the understanding from my family & friends, when I feel the need to turn ‘off’ the switch.

This beautifully crafted set from Pitaya, I did not set on an ocean shore, but in my mind, I wanted that lighthouse overlooking a pond/river/lake.

Because sometimes, there is no obvious exit or way out. So I need that light to show me, that its okay to stay put for a while, till I’m ready to go again.

Cheers ❤

@Arcade June 2022
Pitaya – The lighthouse – Building RARE
Pitaya – The lighthouse – Deck (with rope)
Pitaya – The lighthouse – windsock
Pitaya – The lighthouse – Bench Green
Pitaya – The lighthouse – Barrels (pair)
Pitaya – The lighthouse – Barrels (trio)
Pitaya – The lighthouse – Boat Red

Landscaping goodies-
Cube Republic Douglas Fir
Cube Republic CR Cattails
Botanical – Douglas Fir
Konoha WildlyFluffy Natoma Grass
Konoha – Magnolia intent
[ Organica ] River Erosion

Ruminate with me...

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