Friend of my Friend

Sometimes, it really is okay to reminisce!

Memories, the good ones, are like a warm hug you give yourself every now and then. When they come my way, I like to think that they are sent from past self, to my present self lol.

I am slowly collecting more unique pieces that remind me of growing up in Maui. Without telling my age, I will say that sugar cane plantation villages were still all the rage, and my 2nd generation immigrant family lived in a popular one in Lahaina.

That’s a whooollleeee other topic, though.

The EVHAH BBQ Block is actually what started the scene today. If I didn’t know any better, its lifted straight from my grandpa’s yard.

Anywhosers, sorry about the rabbit trail fellow scrollers! Just know, that today’s scene is straight from the glowing golden rooms of my heart, and you are most welcomed!

[MRS] Marushin Beer Case Table
[MRS]1.8L Bottle[Mirin](Free)
[MRS]2.1L Bottle[Shoyu](Free)
[MRS]Giga Cola(Can)
[MRS]Mosquito coil[GG]
Wednesday[+] ~ Mangaka Seikatsu ~ Rice Cooker
taikou / premium grain rice bag
taikou / concrete wall
taikou / soup pot
Old World Roast pig with veggies
dust bunny . farmers market . tomatoes
dust bunny . farmers market . potatoes
dust bunny . farmers market . green onions
dust bunny . farmers market . eggplant
dust bunny . farmers market . bell peppers
dust bunny . farmers market . chili peppers
06 MADRAS Mango Delight Diced Decor
09 MADRAS Mango Delight Fresh Mango Set
PLAAKA Small Lime
PLAAKA Herb Bowl
PLAAKA Drying Rack
PLAAKA Detergent Wre Rack
Cube Republic CR Spider Plant Stand & Pups
Cube Republic CR Jungle Grass
Cube Republic CR Banana Tree
Cube Republic Pineapple Ripe
Konoha – Nanohana
Konoha – Jacaranda kayla
[PM]Pixel Mode – Dune Fence
Botanical – Umbrella Tree
[ keke ] hard to find plates stack
[ keke ] hard to find bowls
BROKEN ARROWS – Farm Kitchen II – Spoons
BROKEN ARROWS – Farm Kitchen II – Knives
BROKEN ARROWS – Farm Kitchen II – Knives
*bbqq*-Hawker Gacha (07) Luncheon Meat B
Pitaya – Floating Market – Bananas basket
Fawny – My little puppy
JIAN Chicken Collection :: Wanderer
Soul2Soul. Artisan Kitchen Utensils Jar
Sari-Sari – Tuka Beach Hut
Concept} 02. ALQUER. BED
MudHoney Piper Lantern 3 Cream
Concept} 08. Dunas – Roll Carpets
FINCA – Mimbre hanging lamp
Soy Willow Tree



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