Forever at this place

Pieced together a few finds from the upcoming March round of Arcade.

I think the Musu puppy plant pots are going to be a permanent fixture around Cozey, they’re that cute!

Ngl, this scene had me running around in Windlight circles. Do you ever find yourself taking a gazillion snapshots only to find that the 1 out of 100 worked best? my poor hard drive lol

I am actually preparing to take a mini blog break for a few weeks, but fret not, I am always a ping away should you need a friend to sit with. Make sure you check out the details below for info, and keep moving forward!

Coming soon to Arcade March!
Myrrine 6. Aarush set – chair Sun RARE
Myrrine 8. Aarush set – cabinet orange
Myrrine 7. Aarush set – chair Rainbow RARE
Myrrine 3. Aarush set – candles
Myrrine 5. Aarush set – single candle bronze
Myrrine 4. Aarush set – single candle wood
8. -MUSU- Puppy Pot (Pitbull – Snake Plant)
1. -MUSU- Puppy Pot – French Bulldog Tan – Money Plant
20. -MUSU- Puppy Pot (Bulldog – Empty)
14. -MUSU- Puppy Pot (Husky – Fig)
2. Sequel – Divider Walls – Slants Dark
21. Sequel – Divider Walls – Waterfall Light RARE
*HEXtraordinary* Orange Kitten – Wanderer – REZ
*HEXtraordinary* White Kitten – Wanderer – REZ
[Fetch] Nesta Notebook & Stuff – RARE
[Fetch] Nesta Mug – Red Flowers
[ bubble ] Potted Succulent Set 2 -Decor RARE

[ bubble ] Snake Plant V2 Decor @ Farmers Market
[ bubble ] Snake Plant Hearts Decor @ Farmers Market
Carpe Noctem. “Spring Floral” Watering Can Lilac Decor @ Farmers Market
[Cat-Noodle] Heart-Shaped Watermelon Popsicles @Farmers Market
[Cat-Noodle] Sweet Heart-Shaped Watermelon – Decor

Other goods:
Apple Fall Summer Parasol 1
Zinnias Solaria Fringed Turquoise Rug
Zinnias La Cantina Frida Planter Large
Zinnias Llama Planter
Zinnias Fiesta Wall Flower
junk. rocket lamp. tropical.
MudHoney Piper Cushion Colorful
MONS / 3D – Leafly Photoshoot Decor (white)

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