The ‘me’ that I remember and people know
The ‘me’ that I created myself to vent out
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Welcome Traveler

“Let’s journey it together with valiant hearts!” – by Quincy Lk.

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The Wonder that we knew

“The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.” Continue reading “The Wonder that we knew”

Bit of a Fixer Upper

We’re not saying you can change her, ‘cuz people don’t really change. We’re only saying that love’s a force that’s powerful and strange. People make bad choices if they’re mad, or scared, or stressed. Throw a little love their way and you’ll bring out their best! Continue reading “Bit of a Fixer Upper”

Worlds within a World

World building, is probably one of my favorite hobbies in SL. At our fingertips, we draw inspiration from the best creators in our virtual world.

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