Set Me Free

My day crawls on the floor and my day flies in the sky…why? Why? Continue reading “Set Me Free”

Day and Night

Day and night, fall and repeat.. Continue reading “Day and Night”

Asian Pacific Heritage Festival 2023

This month of May, we celebrate Asian Pacific Islander Heritage month and you are invited! Continue reading “Asian Pacific Heritage Festival 2023”

What Grows Here

We all have this room in the deepest part of our hearts. A bit hidden and mysterious in purpose, but well known to those who possess the courage to open its doors.

It is where we pray that the flicker of candle light never goes out, and that the warmth of its ember, never grows cold. Love grows here. And so does hate. And so does sadness, and so does fate. And belief.

I haven’t visited this room in a while.. there are bittersweet thorns run amok. But I have noticed the dust is quite non existent. This makes me smile. There have been visitors and their sweet presence, keeps the icks at bay.

DISORDERLY. / Vintage Spring / Chair / White
DISORDERLY. / Vintage Spring / Floor Books / Pink
DISORDERLY. / Vintage Spring / Console Books / White
DISORDERLY. / Vintage Spring / Frames
BROKEN ARROWS – Anastasia – Tray – Rose (Worn)
BROKEN ARROWS – Anastasia – Brush – Rose (Worn)
BROKEN ARROWS – Anastasia – Comb – Rose (Worn)
BROKEN ARROWS – Anastasia – Jewelry – Rose (Worn)
BROKEN ARROWS – Anastasia – Perfume – Rose (Worn)
BROKEN ARROWS – Anastasia – Mirror – Rose (Worn)
Random Matter – The Academy – Computer [Black]
Random Matter – The Academy – Keyboard [Black]

FINCA – Sewing Machine Black

@Farmers Market Anniversary Edition
MADRAS FarmHouse Slits Door Decor White
MADRAS FarmHouse Door Decor White
MADRAS FarmHouse Pot & Grass Decor

BROKEN ARROWS – Daphne – Roses – Peach
BROKEN ARROWS – Daphne – Mirror – Copper
BROKEN ARROWS – Flora Arrangement
BROKEN ARROWS – Daphne – Roses – White
Dahlia – Vintage Memories – Vanity
+Half-Deer+ Thorny Vines II
[DDD] Twinkling Ivy
tarte. star lights (white) – ground
Birdy – Boudoir – Fireplace
FINCA – pond moss

That Sounds Nice

Someday we’ll pay more than it was worth our souls.
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