Cozey Interlude

I’ve been trying all my life, to separate the time, in between the having it all and giving it up.

Today’s scene I filled with gorgeous quirkiness and eclectic wares from Pitaya and Vespertine, as well as classic pieces and decor from Avani.

Lately I’ve been ruminating on the injustice of not having closure, in any situation in life. It is maddening, testing my resolve, making me question everything.

Especially in dealing toxic relationships and/or friendships. But I am slowly realizing, that I don’t really need it. And I’m getting to the point where I don’t even care anymore.

Because Life is too beautiful to waste a moment, and the people that do stick around, are worth sticking around for ❤

@The Fifty
Avani Waitrose Collection Oak Framed Wall Mirror, Ash
Avani Waitrose Collection Petite Lacquer Console, Lichen
Avani Waitrose Collection Brushes in Ceramic Bags
Avani Waitrose Collection Canvas Dopp Bag
Avani Waitrose Collection Wallet, Coins and Lip Balm, Ruby
Avani Waitrose Collection Vanity Hammered Stool, Champagne

{vespertine} – spices around the world/indian bergamot
{vespertine} – spices around the world/japanese shiso

Pitaya – Sari silk curtains

Pitaya – Handcarved bench
Pitaya – Open wardrobe – Light
Oh Deer! Wicker Games – Shelves
Oh Deer! Bird on a Wire: Clef
BROKEN ARROWS – Georgia – Plant – Clay
BROKEN ARROWS – Georgia – Sculpture – Golden
BROKEN ARROWS – Georgia – Books & Vase – Clay
BROKEN ARROWS – Georgia – Frame I,II
BROKEN ARROWS – Georgia – Small Candle – Golden

Avani Jade Rollers with Stash Pot, Mortar and Pestle, Style 4
Avani Tall Display Stool, Natural
{vespertine} – chia pets. / koala
{vespertine} – cat incense holder.
Apple Fall Lush Palm Arrangement
FINCA – Playfull bunny vase ivory
Fancy Decor: Whale Tail Book Stack
Zigana . elephant small orange 1
Zaara [home] : Ikat dhurrie rug *beige*
MADRAS Nearctic Moth Botttle
Concept} 05. Tibetan Meditation Pillow. Orange
Concept} 03. Tibetan Meditation Pillow. Yellow
driftwood. Maida Vale Wicker Cane Divider. Black.
hive // hanging bougainvillea plant . yellow

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