Baby, I’ll be moving on

Being vulnerable and at the behest of your inner circle can be risky, and baby, we ought to be our very best protector.

Who better than your own precious soul to drive the dark away? Especially when you stand on the shoulders of those who have loved and supported you through out.

I jokingly mentioned to a friend, that 2023 could be my ‘glow up’ year… and I think this goes far beyond the physical aspect. A glow up of my mental and emotional coping mechanisms are needed as well. Cozey is just one of the many outlets I’ve been exploring.

Speaking of exploring, be sure to read through that credit list, because 9/10 I miss at least 1 thing! And if you happen to find it, ping me in world for a prize 😛

Avani Andres Collection Refactory Dining Table
Avani Andres Collection Os De Mouton Armchair
Avani Andres Collection Bowl of Pears, Cast Conrete
Avani Andres Collection Gallery Wall Art Frames
Avani Andres Collection Hand Carved Totem

Fancy Decor: Silva Shelf
Fancy Decor: Silva Radio
Fancy Decor: Silva Basket of Books
Fancy Decor: Silva Candle Cloche
Fancy Decor: Silva Binoculars
Fancy Decor: Silva Notebook
Fancy Decor: Silva Botanical Art

Barnesworth Anubis [ba] tahoe a-frame (Build)
FOURTH WALL] Ambi Noteboard
FOURTH WALL] Ambi Collage Board
MINIMAL – Azalea Decor Set -Plant
Loft & Aria – Andora Pendant
DISORDERLY. / Boheme Spring / Plant Stand
Kalopsia – Gwen’s Painting

@The Mens Dept
FINCA – Wall bear with glasses bronze

FINCA – Adam’s Brown Leather Trunk
FINCA – Adam’s Collection plant

Avani Atoka Collection Jardin Vessel
Avani Atoka Collection Magazines
Avani Aged Found Light Vessel
Avani Lily Collection Potted Pony Plant
Avani Candle with Catch All Box
Avani Binu Rug Collection
Avani Byron Collection Plate Setting
Avani Alix Collection Books in Grasscloth Slipcase
Avani Stacked Stones on Books
Fancy Decor: Terzo Candles
Fancy Decor: Satie Mug
driftwood. Maida Vale Wicker Cane Divider. Black.
driftwood. Camden Geo Art: 8 – Black.
driftwood. Maida Vale Wicker Cane Divider. Black.
22769 ~ [bauwerk] vintage camera
Cinoe] Good night sleepless cat – kettle
Cinoe] Good night sleepless cat – Sugar and milk

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