Set Me Free

My day crawls on the floor and my day flies in the sky…why? Why?
Lots of colorful deets to peruse and I guess the theme of today’s scene would be careful placements. I hope this doesn’t jar your inner minimalist, because we’re still in the catching up phase of past releases, past shopping events. Must keep up!

I usually reserve Sundays here at Cozey as a time of reflection and knowing there is but only three of you who do take the time to read my musings, it gives me great joy and hope that by putting my thoughts out in the interwebs, it’d be of help to anyone that needed a friend.

Spring really IS the season of beginnings in so many ways. I’ve let go of a lot of things that were mentally and emotionally holding me back. I’ve started being more physically active and in turn, it cleared a lot of the fog that is depression and anxiety. What a vicious cycle these two make!

Having healthy coping skills and retraining my brain has been very interesting. I’ve always said (to myself anyway), that self doubt was always knocking at the door to my heart and I used to be able to ‘hold the door’ easily… before. Until I allowed a disguised shadow to make its way in. The solid foundation of faith that I had in myself started to fracture. Praying and meditating helped some. But the thing about shadows is that they are very good at hiding.

Any Light you shine, will always cast a shadow, and it follows you as you strive to move forward. I hope I can keep the door closed from now on, but I know now, that I can’t do it alone.

Elm. Ysabel Sofa [Matcha]
Elm. Ysabel Ottoman [Cream]
Elm. Ysabel Side Table
Elm. Ysabel Rug [Round]
hive // running errands . decor

@Asian Pacific Heritage Festival 2023
Elm. Mei Gallery Wall #2

Collabor88 April 2023 Past Round
BROKEN ARROWS – Tatham – Mirror & Plant – Dark
BROKEN ARROWS – Tatham – Rug – Mix II
BROKEN ARROWS – Tatham – Vase – Dark
DISORDERLY. / Boheme Spring / Lamp
DISORDERLY. / Boheme Spring / Stool
DISORDERLY. / Boheme Spring / Pillow Basket
DISORDERLY. / Boheme Spring / Console Table
Kalopsia – Brea’s Geode Slices
Kalopsia – Brea’s Candle House
Kalopsia – Brea’s Books & Vases
Kalopsia – Brea’s Matches Pot
(NO) Boho Vase – Coffee Mug
tarte. constellation room divider (white)
Elm. Everly Hanging Light #1 [Gold]

Pitaya – Here comes the spring – Shelf – Natural
Pitaya – Medinilla magnifica plant
Apple Fall Lush Palm Arrangement
Dahlia – Anu – Side Display Table – Short Gold
{vespertine} – bunny insence holder.
{vespertine} – incense clutter / cat
LODE* Decor – Blooming Oleander Wreath [white]
LODE* Decor – Diana Bottle with Grass II & I
dust bunny . blackwater decor . guitar . natural
dust bunny . blackwater decor . hats . mixed
dust bunny . picking daisies bag . white .

Trompe Loeil – Alzette Lake Cottage
BIJOU :: Brise Rose Decor
dust bunny . daisy duckie . plush . creampuff . decor
Aardvark : Knitted Spring Chicken – White


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