Finally Free

Realize the realism of reality.
We are a thriving metropolis of ever flowing, ever evolving, ever changing growth. Daily I walk in a perplexing, purposeful path, with caution and error my constant companions.

We cull and burn the thorns that would be the death of our very breath, putting away the things that so easily beset us. Daily, I will strive to hear the One, who draws me near, the One who holds me dear, with His very Life, with His precious sacrifice.

This path that is before me, the straight and narrow, though tedious to the untrained, the unbelieving, the unloved.. this road is made for one person, there is no room for a wavering mind, a fence jumping shell of a man, an unsatisfied ghoul of discontent.

It is forever moving forward towards the Light. Forever shedding the shackles of a world so desperate for an Eternal Source of Love, but only taking and never giving. How my eyes are opened again, and how willfully ignorant I have been. And to my sorrow and shame, these are constant companions.

Those who say they care about me, deep down in their grievous selves, only seek to use me for the lives they think they live so freely, wantonly. My hats off to friends who begrudgingly must say they know me, this is a clarion call to release your willy nilly.

Be Finally Free

Avani Mineiro Collection Ming Tall Back Chair, Black Oak
Avani Mineiro Collection Ming Tall Back Chair, Bleached Oak
Avani Mineiro Collection Carved Stone Table, Natural
Avani Mineiro Collection Orb Collectors Box, Maroon
Avani Mineiro Collection Open Magazine, Landscape
Avani Mineiro Collection Stacked Magazines, Alter Ego
Avani Mineiro Collection Stacked Magazines, Left
Avani Mineiro Collection Birthing Stone Reproduction, Dirt
Avani Mineiro Collection Found Small Jug, Mud
Avani Mineiro Collection Royere Standing Lamp
Avani Mineiro Collection Branches Resting in Glass Vase, Dark

MADRAS FarmHouse WIllow Wood White Decor
MADRAS FarmHouse Door Decor White
MADRAS FarmHouse Plaque White Decor
MADRAS FarmHouse Slits Door Decor White
MADRAS FarmHouse Pot & Grass Decor
MADRAS FarmHouse Table Decor White
BIGBULLY Aren Vase – Tall
BIGBULLY Aren Candelabra
Avani Atoka Collection Magazines
Avani Atoka Collection Resting Side Stool
Avani Atoka Collection Oversized Vertical Framed Art
Avani Anatolia Rug Collection
Avani Kris Collection Hand Thrown Vessel
Avani Kris Collection Oak Beam Pedestal Large
Avani Lily Collection Potted Pony Plant
[Harshlands] Fir Tree (Withering)
Atelier Burgundy . Ferrum . Iron Glass Panel
+Half-Deer+ Thorny Vines II
KraftWork Cashmere Collection . Single Eucalyptus Light

Ruminate with me...

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