Welcome into this place

Breakfast buddy time, have a sat.

Fresh food eats from the Farmers Market Anniversary Edition and a new build from Trompe Loeil to celebrate the Fifty’s Anniversary as well!

We love a good buffet! When its good 😉

@The Fifty
Trompe Loeil – Konane Patio Fireplace
-29LI upon rez
-seamless addition to Konane Tropical Estate
-chairs is group gift for The Fifty Anniversary

@The Farmers Market Anniversary Edition
DISORDERLY. / Donut Sweet / Banana Donut / Decor
DISORDERLY. / Donut Sweet / Chocolate Donut / Decor
DISORDERLY. / Donut Sweet / Strawberry Donut / Decor
Dahlia X DAUNTLESS – Organic O’s – Extra Cereal Bowl
[Mamere] Fruits plate
[Mamere] Fruit croissant sandwich dispenser
[Mamere] Whipped cream spray
[Mamere] Custard cream
ZAKER : Coastal Bird

Dahlia – Tenerife Lanterns – Double Gold/Clear
DISORDERLY. / Making Smoothies / Fruits
MADRAS Yasmeen Arch Decor
MADRAS Wild Side Coffee Mug Decor
Pitaya – Messy Napkin
Soul2Soul. Provence Bougainvilleas
FINCA – Peperomia fully green
Avani Mudcloth Collection, Black on Sand Lumbar Two
Avani Mudcloth Collection, Black on Sand Square One
Konoha – Oxalis de Bellevue
Konoha – Natoma’s Boxwood Hedges
BROKEN ARROWS – Branch Flowers – White 

mintae. Ikon Set – Oranges Bowl
dust bunny . fresh fruit stand . peach pile
dust bunny . leafy rugs . monstera . white
Milk – [MyStory]
keke ] hard to find cream & sugar
Fancy Decor: Cerise French Press Coffee Maker
Toiz] aloe pot
Artisan Fantasy Paperwhites Round Pot
Fanatik Architecture: Palm 10 vibrant
La Petite Vie – Cypres – Moyen
Cube Republic Pampas Grass
Linden Home – Newbrooke – Fence

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