Not by the rules

When it comes to rules, I break ’em… lets make some..
Good decisions!

Farmer’s Market Anniversary Edition is upon us and there are group gifts all around, with the latest releases from some of your favorite decor and lifestyle designers on the grid! Be sure to join the Panache Customer Group and visit all the beautiful booths!

Pitaya is also featuring her latest releases in Anthem, The Fifty, as well as a few items on sale at their mainstore... do visit ye ole creditos.

When it comes to classic lines, streamlined decor, and traditional placement, settings and even themes, I am usually not the one that follows anything. Like many of you aspiring decorators, I just go with the flow and it usually follows an eclectic palette.

Go with your flow because in the end, you’ll be the happiest and most satisfied with what you’ve set for your space.

Pitaya – Terrarium Coffee Table – Copper

@The Fifty
Pitaya – Tropical Bar Cart – Bamboo
Pitaya – Tropical Bar Cart – Flower Arrangement
-includes empty version and filled

@Sale Pitaya Main Store
Pitaya – Macrame plant hanger – White (light leaves)

@Farmers Market Anniversary Edition
Oh Deer! Crystal Clear: Crystal Collection ractangle box
Oh Deer! Crystal Clear: Crystal Collection Cat box
Oh Deer! Crystal Cleart: Candle Group Gift (Panache Group for FMAE)
Aardvark : Mini Forest Sprite – Black Chocolate
Aardvark : Mini Forest Sprite – Yellow Vanilla
Puddles. Oil Burner w/o Flame
Puddles. Planet Planter (Cactus)
Puddles. Ceramic Incense
Puddles. Planet Planter (Succulent )

Oh Deer! DIY Life: Marble Cat
Oh Deer! DIY Life: Mirror
Aardvark : The Original Prick – Single Cat
dust bunny . throwback sofa . green . pg
Dahlia – Vulnerability – Panda Book Stack
Dahlia – Cici – Lamp – Tall
Pitaya – Outdoor movie – Pouf
BROKEN ARROWS – Branch Flowers – Rose
{vespertine} – self hydrating planter pals. -glass of bunny
{vespertine} – self hydrating planter pals. -glass of panda
{vespertine} – self hydrating planter pals. – cat.
Ariskea[Kyal] Succulent Moss Stone Pot
/ XIAJ / Wendz Table Pedestal (store closed)
Sequel – Divider Walls – Frosted Brown
Lagom – Groovy Accent walls [ E ]
Consignment and floorplan. woven rug
Mudhoney Drapes Solids
Atelier Burgundy . Ferrum . Iron Glass Panel
KraftWork Cashmere Collection . Eucalyptus Arrangement Light

Ruminate with me...

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