The Room Uninvited

Happiness can be hard to find, I’m so slapped silly happy..
Life’s a game ’til you lose, then what?
I’m reaching a new level of not giving a fuck.

Yeah, right.. that sounds nice, everything we ever wanted and more.
Someday we’ll get paid, more than it was worth to sell our souls.

Tell me, how is the real world treating you?
My one mistake was giving more and more, and more.

Twist the knife hard, just to make it easier to tell you I don’t need you anymore.

dust bunny . blooming grand piano . white
dust bunny . blooming grand piano bench . white

dust bunny . petal wall & archway . arch (mod)
DISORDERLY. / Domestic Roses / Rose Balloons / PINK
DISORDERLY. / Dreamy Tea / Bundt Moon Cake / Gold
DISORDERLY. / Dreamy Tea / Star Tea Set / Gold
[MALO] Big Rabbit – Stand
[MALO] Big Rabbit – Candy RARE
Konoha – Magnolia intent
Konoha – Hesperis river
Konoha – Lavender fields
Konoha – Nanohana
Konoha – Drinker’s Plateau
Konoha – Natoma’s Boxwood
[ keke ] rainfall glitter
FINCA – pond mossy rock
FINCA – pond moss
HPMD* Garden Vine02
HPMD* Garden Vine01
NOMAD // Romantic Ruins // Gate
Pixel Mode – Landscape Lights – Spiral & Sphere
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Neverland Clock
Stormwood: Timber Tiptoe Path

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