How could I know

How could I know that one day I’d wake up feeling more?
Those sweet moments in life, when sudden realization and revelation hits us, and we are forced to re-evaluate every single decision we have ever made.

Like, did that last dessert really, REALLY, call my name?

We’re back to share more from Collabor88! Thor’s Bakery Showcase is already filled for you if you should need. Kalopsia’s Maggie Collection can be very versatile if you let it… and I also used a little bit of Schadenfreude magic to add some texture, so do visit the credits for the infos.

I read recently, that blogging in general, for our community anyway, is trending towards irrelevancy. I beg to differ however…. Because the written word can be persuasive enough, if and only if, we’re willing to let it be.

Otherwise, reading for the sake of enjoyment, is seriously racing to be a lost art.

I on the other hand, believe wholeheartedly in all three of you and your lovely lovely visitations!

Kalopsia – Maggie’s Chair
Kalopsia – Maggie’s Mirror
Kalopsia – Maggie’s Beauty Tray 1 (Empty)
Kalopsia – Maggie’s Beauty Tray 2 (Empty)
Kalopsia – Maggie’s Table 1
..::THOR::.. Bakery Showcase – Filled
..::THOR::.. Bakery Showcase – Empty
..::THOR::.. Candies Jar
..::THOR::.. Bakery Menu
Schadenfreude Love Hearts Clutter: Scattered, small
Schadenfreude Love Hearts Clutter: Star, small
BROKEN ARROWS – Sweet Taste – Macaron Cake – Colorful V.2
BROKEN ARROWS – Sweet Taste – Meringues – Colorful

..::THOR::.. Country Hutch

Dahlia – Bakery – Awning
driftwood. Hampstead Faux Wall. Dark Brown.
Potted – Ivy Trendy Tower Plant
[Canape] Pantry Shelf 1 (includes all jars)
Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery Take and go box
Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery Display
Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery Breads for display
Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery Counter
BROKEN ARROWS – Candy Christmas – Macarons – Blue
BROKEN ARROWS – Candy Christmas – Candies – Pink
{vespertine} -soft heart donuts w/jam – closed box.
{vespertine} -soft heart boston cream donuts – closed box.
..::THOR::.. Bistro Table
[Tia] Five a day – Bowl of Bananas
[ keke ] hard to find cutlery in glass
[ keke ] hard to find bowls 3
[ keke ] hard to find plates stack
[ keke ] bottle of water
[ keke ] hard to find – glass of water
[Merak] – Jam Jars
[Merak] – Baguette Basket
[Merak] – Oatmeal Station
[Merak] – Wicker Jug
Old World Seeded bread – Group gift
Old World Homemade blackberry jam
Half-Deer English Ivy
{what next} Provence Bowl of Strawberries
KraftWork Runner Rugs . Basic Off White (fringes)

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