Sugar me sweet

We can’t get enough!
Of all the cute deco today, and if you’re a one party only celebrator, we have the treats, the sweets, and the seats.

I can finally dote on these bears, Finca has released their Plush Bear series with costumes at Access this month, do visit to see the rest of the crew. There are both decor and holdable versions available.

More goodies from Collabor88 for you, and a few sales that are still ongoing at Dahlia & Pitaya main stores.

I’m usually pretty quiet on Valentine’s day, but this year I finally got the nerve to do kareoke in world and it has been a blast! So I may spend some time there serenading the birds and frogs… (I’ll include the link below if you’re curious!)

Until next time, fellow traveler of the SL blogosphere!

floorplan. asymmetrical print / donut
floorplan. asymmetrical print / lips
BROKEN ARROWS – Sweet Taste – Macaron Cake – Pink V.2
BROKEN ARROWS – Sweet Taste – Meringues – Colorful
BROKEN ARROWS – Sweet Taste – Meringues – Pink
BROKEN ARROWS – Sweet Taste – Lollipops – Pink
Second Spaces – Sweetness rainbow candles – multi
Second Spaces – Sweetness lamp – dk pink

FINCA – My Lobster Plushie Bear
FINCA – Friends Frogever plushie bear

@Cupid Inc.
DISORDERLY. / Explosive Love / Heart Box / White
DISORDERLY. / Heart Frame / White

@Risky Business
::NH:: I licked it so it is mine neon
::NH:: Bubbles of Love – red

@Dahlia Mainstore – Happy Weekend Sale
Dahlia – Be Mine – Heart Macaron Box – Red – Decor
Dahlia – Be Mine – Heart Macaron Box – Pink – Decor

@Pitaya MainStore – New Release
Pitaya – Warm Coffee Shop – Glass panel 01
Pitaya – Warm Coffee Shop – Glass panel 02
Pitaya – Warm Coffee Shop – Divider 1
Pitaya – Warm Coffee Shop – Panel with bench 1
Pitaya – Warm Coffee Shop – Table
Pitaya – Warm Coffee Shop – Stool
Pitaya – Warm Coffee Shop – Pouf
Pitaya – Warm Coffee Shop – Light

Dahlia – Cuore – Confetti
Dahlia – Cuore – Balloons – Plain – Floating – Ruby
Atelier Burgundy . Finger Heart White Frame I . white
[Merak] – Pillows Storage Basket
[Merak] – Travel Basket
[Merak] – Bunny Books Decor
[Merak] – Baby Breath Vase
[Merak] – Modernism Frames
tarte. hanging trailing jade plant
tarte. hanging marble pothos plant
.peaches. Singles Awareness Clutter – Vibe
.peaches. Singles Awareness Clutter – Magazines
.peaches. Singles Awareness Clutter -Candy Hearts

LM- Be forewarned, we are traveling back to 2006 decor O.O

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