Nothing to Lose

Valentine Shop & Hop goodies, and some overgrown delicacies.
Gifts gifts gifts, there are a many, and here are a few from the Valentine Shop & Hop that you can pick up from Feb. 3rd through the 19th.

Dust Bunny’s Retro Planters are also out now at Anthem, just another testament to all the quirkiness Noel can do with foliage, for real.

Hope you have a productive week, don’t forget to do peruse the creditos!

dust bunny . retro planters . speaker palm . white
dust bunny . retro planters . smiley fern . purple
dust bunny . retro planters . tv terrarium
dust bunny . retro planters . daisy skates . pink
dust bunny . retro planters . disco ball . pink

@MidnightOrder till Feb. 20th
HEXtraordinary* Carnivorous Botanical Print B
HEXtraordinary* Pitcher Plant Terrarium
HEXtraordinary* Ebonized Oak Plant Stand

@Valentine Shop & Hop (GIFTS)
Oh Deer! Happy Valentine’s Shop and Hop Gift
MADRAS Valentine Wall Frame You and Me
KraftWork Star Curtain . Pale Gold
Fancy Decor: Geometric Wood Heart
MadPea Panda Lamp
CHEZ MOI Memories Decor – Sky
JIAN Jack Russell Terrier *Sleepy Boi Gift*
Eclectica- a thing to put another thing on 🙂

Potted ~ Limited Edition Love You Beary Much Ivy Pot
Potted ~ Vintage Butterfly Ivy Pot – Limited Edition Mon Petit Monstre
Digital Living System Energy 2.0 – Winter Forest Candle

dust bunny . leafy rugs . monstera . green
dust bunny . leafy rugs . tropical . dark
dust bunny . avery accent chair . white – WILL UPDATE WITH LOCATION TO BUY
dust bunny . avery accent chair . camel – WILL UPDATE WITH LOCATION TO BUY
dust bunny . quirky planters 3 . piggy planter
junk. rocket lamp. bamboo.
[FOURTH WALL] Horizon Coffee Table
:HAIKEI: Save room for my love (Build)

[n.i] over.grown.clock
[n.i] over.grown.tea.cans
[n.i] over.grown.herb.drawers
(these items can be found as gachas on MP)

the bears are a FINCA Work in Progress… will update after release

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