Find me, Not

You deserve a respite, in spite, of all your spite.
My simple retreat I prepared as a treat for my precious fragile, easily spooked self.

FaMESHed is finally open, yay and safe to shop and peruse now. Dutchie has released a beautiful massage table with so, many, animations! Try out the demo and tell me your whats your fave!

Also, Trompe Loeil’s Irusu Fireplace Pavillion is out now at The Fifty, it is an entire build including the furnishings/fireplace, so do check it out in world at the event.

What a very interesting week we’ve had on the grid, I hope you’re still intact!

Dutchie covered massage table PG
-6 color options, satin skirt
-25 massage animations, 2 sequences, bento enabled
-11 LI, mod/copy, 100% Original Mesh
Dutchie spa sink with decor
-6 colors for the wood
-Decor can be moved around and unlinked for more decor options
-3 solo animations with Bento hands

@The Fifty
Trompe Loeil – Irusu Fireplace Pavilion PG
Land Impact is 18, and the footprint is 5.5 meters by 7.4 meters.

Fancy Decor: Bryant Dresser
Elm. Lane Yoga Decor: Lamps
Elm. Lane Yoga Studio: Draped Cloth
Trompe Loeil – Sebaste Monstera Plant + Basket
FINCA – Peperomia growing green
FINCA – Aloe Vera
BROKEN ARROWS – Aloe Bathroom III – Hairbrush – Dark
BROKEN ARROWS – Aloe Bathroom III – Natural Loofah Sponge
[ keke ] rainfall glitter
HISA – Hanging vines
Alouette – Medieval Candle Style
Pitaya – Indoor Plants
Konoha – Natoma’s Boxwood Hedges
Stormwood: Roman Paving Stones
Cube Republic Pampas Grass
Cube Republic Douglas Firs

Ruminate with me...

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