Like you a little


Let me inundate you with all the beautiful things I collected from the awesome sales over last weekend, because there were goods to be had!

Loved all the gorgeous foliage that was available too, just another sign that 2023 is really in full swing. Vignettes like these always get my imagination going, so hopefully some of it inspires you 🙂

Be sure to peruse the credits and let me know if I’ve missed anything!

Coming soon to SL Shop & Hop
Dahlia – I like you a latte – Decor (GIFT)

Dahlia – Candy Heart – Balloons
Dahlia – Candy Heart – Confetti
DISORDERLY. / Rosy Vintage / Books / White
DISORDERLY. / Rosy Vintage / Chair / Purple
DISORDERLY. / Rosy Vintage / Papers / Purple
FINCA – Entryway bench white
FINCA – Entryway top shelf right white
FINCA – Entryway top shelf left white
FINCA – hanging pot ivy – green pink
Ariskea.Tulips. Center tulips glass
Ariskea.Tulips . Ceramic Bunny
Pitaya – Wild Flowers bouquet (decor)
Pitaya – Alfazema – Frames Valentines Ed
+Half-Deer+ Lovely Heart Garland – Spicy
Tentacio desert notebook
Tentacio pink champagne
Tentacio Read more
Tentacio Tulip teapot
Tentacio sweet night cup
Tentacio Mon amour bouquet
hive // spiral boxwood topiary . lighted
tarte. russian ivy
(Fundati) Moss Wall

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