How We Do

I built this city on coffee and snacks.
Today we’re actually focused on the backdrop buildings yonder by Atelier Burgundy. There are 6 different styles in the collection and fully modifiable, which I am grateful for. The City Buildings set is available at Mainframe Event till Feb. 13th.

They’re perfect for these photo perspectives, and I’ve been experimenting more with the zoomiezooms. I wish I could always include everything in my imagination in the one frame, but I’m thinking that road will eventually lead to actual game-play or in-world footage.

My 2023 is still proving to be evolving when it comes to execution of all the ideas I’d love to capture. And that is still, okay.

Atelier Burgundy . City Building Collection
-6 buildings available, each 43li at rez, copy/mod

taikou / korean villa building
taikou / korean rooftop apartment
taikou / outdoor laundry poles
taikou x momento / you and i backdrop
taikou / pojangmacha tent
taikou / plastic folding table
taikou / round plastic stool
taikou / round plastic stool stack
taikou / soju bottles group
taikou / soju shot glass
taikou / utility pole
Marushin [MRS]NeonSign[Tenant B1]
Marushin [MRS]NeonSign[Tenant B2]
Marushin Denshoku Kanban (Mod)
Marushin [MRS]Buns Steamer
Marushin [MRS]Beer Case Table
Marushin [MRS]Beer case[full]Red
Marushin [MRS]Signboard[Parking]
Black Jack BJK – Tokyo Gacha – Drinks Vending machine
Toro. ENTER sign
Toro. Pho Neon Sign
MAke a MArk √ Japanese Metro station overpass
PLAAKA RoadsideTree
PLAAKA VietnumFruitsBicycle
Soy. CSC – Vending machine [Ice cream]
kotte – manga cafe – snacks
kotte – xin nian – mandarin tree
ANHELO-G01R1-168GA Collection

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