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Trendsetter? I’m a friend, better..

Happy mid-week harumph day lol.

Dutchie’s Complete Women’s Walk-in Closet is an all encompassing, collection of everything you need to fill that empty room you keep walking past in your home!

And there are lots of individual clothing pieces, accessories, as well as a texture HUD for the hardwood that gives you several color wood options as well. Low LOD, so nothing cuts off screen yay!

We ventured out of the kitchen for just a spell, so make sure you bring snacks in the mean time!

@Dutchie Main Store
Dutchie Complete Women’s Walk-in Closet
Dutchie Fem closet 6 wide shirts + t-shirts
Dutchie Fem closet 9 wide closed
Dutchie Fem closet 4 wide dark dresses
Dutchie Fem closet 11 narrow closed reversed
Dutchie Fem closet 1 light dresses

Dutchie satin dress on hanger salmon long 2
Dutchie mesh sweat pants blue with stripe
Dutchie 3 folded sweaters reversed
Dutchie Subscriber Gift December 2022 (Black Slip Dress)
Dutchie Color-change Curtains Long Narrow

Trompe Loeil – Yeosin Modern Ranch
Land Impact is 70 and footprint is 28 meters by 32.3 meters

Dahlia – Heather – Vanity
Dahlia – Heather – Vanity Cushion Seat
Dahlia – Dolled Up – Makeup Palette – Gold 17
Dahlia – Dolled up – Brushes – Natural 20
Dahlia – Dolled up – Scrunchies – Gold 3
Dahlia – Ariana – Jewelry Display – Pink
Dahlia – Heather – Rug With Texture Change
Dahlia – Posh – Low Table – Gold
Dahlia – Posh – Mid Table – Gold
Atelier Burgundy . Storage Box IIc . Black
Atelier Burgundy . Storage Box IVa . Black
Atelier Burgundy . Shopping Bag II w/ tag . Black
Atelier Burgundy . Chester Office Decor . Leather Box Double
Half-Deer+ Luxury Collection – Square Quilted Handbag (Dark)
Half-Deer+ Luxury Collection – Heart Lock Handbag (Dark)
Half-Deer+ Luxury Collection – Wallets & Heart Bag (Dark)
Half-Deer+ Luxury Collection – Perfumes & Belt (Dark)
Half-Deer+ Luxury Collection – Shoes & Shoebox (Dark)
Half-Deer+ Luxury Collection – Boston Bag (Dark)
*KraftWork Ende Bar Collection . Cane Bar Black Full
Apple Fall Books – Arrangements
Bazar Glam-Jewelry box
David Heather-Boot Boxes
David Heather-Vintage Watch Case
Artisan Fantasy Houseplant Spathiphyllum
{vespertine} – hanging macrame planters. – philodendron brasil.
tarte. hanging trailing jade plant
AB+KW+Pitaya . Nordic Cottage . Indoor Tree
AB+KW+Pitaya . Nordic Cottage . Kitchen Spotlights

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