Burning fireworks to flowerworks

Flower field, that’s where I’m at
Open land, that’s where I’m at
No name, that’s what I have
No shame, I’m on my grave
When your feet don’t touch the ground
When your own heart underestimates you
When your dreams devour you
When you feel you’re not yourself
All those times – RM

These blooming rose trees from Dust Bunny provided inspiration spark today, and the song is a beautiful aside… I hope you enjoy a little break from Yuletide, even if for a day ❤

*FINCA – Arched wood bridge gnome lights
*FINCA – Wild woods
*dust bunny . blooming rose trees
*Konoha – Lavender fields
Kalopsia – Flying leaves – Dream
3rd Eye_ Spirit Light Grass
*Battlescars Astronomy Windlight

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