Cookie cookie cookie

Just a smidgen please..
This was so fun to set up, I had to get my mini me in the equation, dust off her account and she’s still a sassy lil sprite-ling.

There are 22 cookies represented for this year’s Interactive Cookie Swap, this Saturday, Dec. 17th starting at 2pm SLT, designed by the lovely Ella (Elm Decor) once again.

I think this year my favorite one has to be the apple pie cookie, and I might just try to make it for reals… wish me luck! Here’s another upper closer zoom in:

I bet now you need some tea or coffee huh? Right there with you! Be sure to peruse the credits while you’re enjoying, and ping me if you need anything!

Dahlia – Boxing Day – Mirror
Dahlia – Boxing Day – Snow Globe – Tan
Dahlia – Boxing Day – Snow Globe – Red
Dahlia – Boxing Day – Gingerbread Jars
Dahlia – Boxing Day – Presents – Beige – Decor
Dahlia – Boxing Day – Treats

@Santa Inc.
Pitaya – Cookies time – Cookies 04

@I’ll Be Home for Christmas (GIFTS)
..::THOR::.. Winter Kettle w/snowflake
..::THOR::.. BearMas Mug
..::THOR::.. PupMas Mug
..::THOR::.. DeerMas Mug
..::THOR::.. Xmas Sweets
..::THOR::.. CatMas Mug
Dahlia – Cookie Tin – Gingerbread
Elm. Rustic Wire Wreath (Winter)
*There are 22 cookies represented for the Interactive Cookie Swap Event represented! Click here to see the recipes! Designed by Ella Aurelia of Elm!

Dahlia – Seasonal Candy – Peppermint Jar – Red (on sale this Saturday!
Dahlia – Seasonal Candy – Gumball Jar – Red (on sale this Saturday!
Dahlia – Seasonal Chocolates Set – White Chocolate
Dahlia – Seasonal Chocolates Set – Snowflake Cookie Jar
Dahlia – Good Morning – Deep Plate – Marble
Pitaya – Cellar Bottle Arrangement
Repos – X – candle (Okinawa Christmas Festival)
What Next {wn} Plates & Fork – Decor
FINCA – Garland ribbon used red
Bygone Garland Pepper & Pomegranate
Atelier Burgundy . Backsplash . Cartagena Red II
Little Llama – But first, coffee
Black . Sand Whitaker Kitchen Island -BLACK-
Black . Sand Whitaker Kitchen Stool -BLACK-
Black . Sand Whitaker Kitchen -BLACK-

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