A Little Closer

Wait a little until the moon comes up, and then we’ll find the way.

Yes even you can bake up an entire plot of gingerbreaded goodness with Atelier Burgundy. And everything is discounted for the season, well the ones listed below anyway.

This time of year brings out the whimsy in everyone doesn’t it? I can imagine Gretel just over the moon, gnoshing on a piece of fence..

Dahlia is set to release a collection of Lawn lights you’ll just absolutely go giddy over! I’m thinking they are coming out for Collabor88 soon.. however I’ll update when I found out exactly.

Don’t forget to brush them teethies!

Coming Soon from Dahlia!
Dahlia – Jolly – Lawn Lights – Gumdrop
Dahlia – Jolly – Lawn Lights – Candy Cane – Red
Dahlia – Jolly – Snowflake lights

@Finca Main Store
FINCA Outdoor Light Series

@Atelier Burgundy Main Store
Atelier Burgundy . Gingerbread House Sugary Version 2
Atelier Burgundy . Gingerbread Cabin Sugary
Atelier Burgundy . Gingerbread Path Kit
Atelier Burgundy . Gingerbread Fence . Gate Green/Red w/sugar
Atelier Burgundy . Gingerbread Fence . Candy Column Green/Red
Atelier Burgundy . Gingerbread Fence . Module 3 w/sugar
Atelier Burgundy . Gingerbread Star Path
Atelier Burgundy . Gingerbread Tree I

KraftWork Festive Street Light . Single
hive // christmas lights . straight small
Simply Shelby Gingerbread Candy Tree
Simply Shelby Gingerbread Soldier
Simply Shelby Gingerbread Ballet Dancer
Love – Candyland Topiary
Love – Candy Heart Scatter
Love – Candyland Peppermint Lollipop Triple
+Half-Deer+ Stringlight Clutter

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