Cozey Abode – Red Dawn Breakfast

Breakfast by candlelight makes for a lovely shared space.
If you have the matches!

Welcome to another episode of Cozey Abode, where we share the goodness of SL foodsss, in my Linden Home, in my actual actual kitchen.

I thought the Andika breakfast platters looked absolutely appetizing, and presented in skillets on warming plates? fuggetaboutit! You can find them at the November round of Anthem.

Also I gathered some dark romantic finds from Collabor88, of course, and they’re listed below. There is no rule that I know of where wine and my morning gnosh can’t be together, like the glorious pairing they are.

Join me?

@Collabor88 Nov. 2022
*DISORDERLY. / Modern Romance / Double Stand / Black
*Schadenfreude Six Seeds Bottle, seeds
*Schadenfreude Six Seeds Bottle, open
*BROKEN ARROWS – Mystic Cats – Moon Cat – Black
BLACK NEST / Tahtea Candle

@Anthem Nov. 2022
andika{Breakfast is ready!}Dispenser-B 1
andika{Breakfast is ready!}Dispenser-A

@Equal10 Nov. 2022
Pewpew! Leafy Lamp – Black

THOR::.. Mediterranean Goodies – RARE
THOR::.. Pepper Grinder
MudHoney Lenore Candlestick 2 black
KraftWork Shabby Living Decor . Pomegranate Vase
*Dahlia – Tori – Donuts – Red Velvet
Pitaya – Wood&Glass Wine Collection – Red wine glass
*BROKEN ARROWS – Daphne – Roses – Red

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