Always Welcomed

Yes you are because here at Cozey, we absolutely love the company!
So if you haven’t stopped by Collabor88’s October round, I adjure you with candy, to make one last stop for these cuties to add to your holiday collection!

Dang those are some gorgeous nuuuts, I mean acorns, from Disorderly’s release for Kustom9!

And last but certainly not least, is Trompe Loeil’s Tullimar Rustic Cottage, which you can see umm like 25% of heh, so here’s the ad for ye curious if mind 🙂

I’ve planned for one last ‘Halloween’ post, and after, a little break to catch up with RL, a week’s worth perhaps. Then some great news to share with you fellow blogscroller friends!

@Collabor88 Oct. 2022
Astralia – Witch Front Door Decorations (Arch)
Astralia – Witch Front Door Decorations (Boxes)
brocante. ghost sheet chair
+Half-Deer+ Twinkling Elegance – Table – Semicircle (Gold)

@Uber Oct. 2022
*Trompe Loeil – Tullimaar Rustic Cottage Dark

@Equal10 Oct. 2022
*Atelier Burgundy . Spiderweb

@Kustom9 Oct. 2022
*DISORDERLY. / Natures Bounty / Tray / Multi
*DISORDERLY. / Natures Bounty / Vase / Multi
*DISORDERLY. / Natures Bounty / Frame / Multi

8f8 – Out of Sight – Ivy Type 1 – EARLY AUTUMN
8f8 – Out of Sight – Ivy Type 2 – AUTUMN
{yumyum} Vine (orange)
FINCA – pond moss
(Fundati) Moss
[ keke ] rainfall glitter
tarte. autumn garden balloons
NOMAD // Scattered Leaves

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