Cozey Coven

I had a vision of creating a comfy space for an exhausted student of the magical arts..

Not sure if it passed the vibe check, however, mossy walls and crawly vines aside, I think the painting from Katharine Littlepaws really tied everything together heh.

Avani has also released a few goodies in the mix, including the Chafa Italian Renaissance chair, which Taylor got down perfectly all the way to the spools on the armrest ❤ So niiceee.

Do be sure to check out all the info below to see who’s what is where and when. I shall return on the morrow, if!

@The Fifty Oct/Nov 2022
*Trompe Loeil – Caerhays Rustic Cottage Dark
Land Impact is 72, and footprint is 15.5 meters by 23.1 meters

@FLF Halloween
*Avani Chafa Collection Italian Renaissance Armchair
*Avani Chafa Collection Sconce Candle Holder
*Avani Chafa Collection Oversized Jug on Stand

@Equal10 Oct. 2022
*Avani Rocco Collection Primitive Bench
*Avani Rocco Collection Tall Lantern
*Avani Rocco Collection Vessel with Branches

@Hallow Manor
*We are all a little broken by Katharine Littlepaws

@FaMESHed Oct. 2022
*dust bunny . autumn accent pillows . pumpkin . green
*dust bunny . autumn accent pillows . acorn . dark

@KnickKnacks Main Store
*::KnickKnacks::Quoth the raven Nevermore (purple)
*::KnickKnacks:: festive plate D (black pumpkins)
*::KnickKnacks:: sun cutters – soft dmg brick

*Dahlia – Belladonna – Enclairs – Dark 11
*Dahlia – Belladonna – Sampler Plate – Dark 19
*Dahlia – Belladonna – Pentagram Petals – Black 9
*Merak&Dahlia – Mystical – Ritual Plant – Gold 12
*Avani Byron Collection Dining Table, Brown Oak
*Avani Dato Collection Stacked Trunks Set
*Avani Lily Collection Potted Pony Plant (mod)
..::THOR::.. Witch Brew To Go – K9 Bday
[Merak] – Wickedly Delicious Chips and Quac
Deco Soup. Vintage Doily Flat
*KraftWork Shabby Living Decor . Small Book Pile Dark
+Half-Deer+ Thorny Vines II
(Fundati) Moss Wall
Sway’s [Ivo] Log Wall moss . level
:HAIKEI: Picture Frames And Shelves -Dark Wood
Nutmeg. Umbrella Basket

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