Cozey Abode – Spooky Goodies

Welcome fellow blog traveler, to our first ever, Cozey Abode, Linden Home Edition!

Yes, we have much to munch, on..

A few weeks ago, I was coerced  dragged  compelled  convinced tempted, yes, tempted to move into a new Linden home in the newly created Newbrooke region of Bellisseria.

Sometimes temptations do pay off! I’ve enjoyed the challenge of choosing and curating 351 prims in a Modern themed home, and we wanted to celebrate with treats 🙂

I plan to showcase more in the future, because its just too good of an opportunity to share and join you all who’ve already shared the entirety of the new continent.

Call me a noob.. its okay! We’ll still feed ya.

@Collabor88 Oct. 2022
*Random Matter – Autumn Treats – Bundt Pan
*Random Matter – Autumn Treats – Dry Ingredients
*Random Matter – Autumn Treats – Wet Ingredients
*Random Matter – Autumn Treats – Pumpkin Cake
*Random Matter – Autumn Treats – Cooking Utensils
floorplan. cauldron candlesticks
*SEmotion Libellune Cyclops Cat Companion

*Dahlia – Occult – Half Moon Macrame – Right Cream | Satan Inc.
*Dahlia – Occult – Half Moon Macrame – Left Coal | Satan Inc.
Artisan Fantasy Gathering 13 – Pumpkin Pie | SL Shop & Hop
Aardvark : Spider Buttercup Cookie tray |  The Main Event, Fall-O-Ween Shop & Hop
Aardvark : Witch Pumpkin Cookie – decor
Aardvark : Ghost White Chocolate Cookie – decor
Aardvark : Spider Buttercup Cookie – decor

*Dahlia – Hiraeth – Wooden Spoons
*Dahlia – Hiraeth – Rolling Pins
*Dahlia – Lazy Days – Mixing Bowls – Cream
Atelier Burgundy + Pitaya . Cozy Garden – Flower bucket
Atelier Burgundy + Pitaya . Cozy Garden . Wood Panel
dust bunny . autumns calling . candle cup
Insurrektion [IK] Urban Farmer Living Set – Candlelights
220ML – Sparkling Spiced Pumpkin – Pumpkin Decor
*Elm. Alisa Dining Decor ~ Cake Stand
*MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Cutting Boards
*Amala – Baking Scales – White | not in stores 😦
Atelier Burgundy . Ferrum . Iron Glass Panel
dust bunny . string lights . colored .
MudHoney Corn Husk Wreath
Consignment [Con.] Tegan Kitchen – Island
Consignment [Con.] Tegan Kitchen – Sink
Consignment [Con.] Tegan Kitchen – Ovens
*Soul2Soul. Rustic Chic Kitchen Fridge

Taken in my actual actual Linden Home kitchen, like actually.

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