Blink of an eye

Just one more game..

I recently saw a ‘tweet’ about the relevance of ‘blogging’ in SL, how much ‘bloggers’ were actually spending on their posts, images and the time and effort to create such.

Everyday I have been back, it has been a constant attitude check for me…“is this relevant? is this ‘art’ speaking to anyone? is this a waste of time? am I helping? … IS THIS FUN ANYMORE?”

But I digress..

I’ve realized how lazy we’ve become around Cozey, in identifying ‘sponsored’ content vs.  reviews of products I’ve actually purchased. Because actuammalalamamally… that is what a blogs’ true purpose is, right? To journal various topics for public consumption?

I mean you could also reas for entertainment fodder while standing in line at the DMV. I know I do.

@NEO Japan
[SHIFUKU] Mahjong Chair
[SHIFUKU] Mahjong Table
[SHIFUKU] Mahjong Tile 1
[SHIFUKU] Mahjong Side Stuff 04 w / Table
[SHIFUKU] Mahjong Side Stuff 03 w / Table
[SHIFUKU] Mahjong Tile02 (decol)
-purchased, NOT sponsored-
-LOVE the animated version of the table, there are several poses and cycles
-the Jyan SO booth is an extra purchase that is out at NEO Japan, resizer included
-There are 2 versions available, the Table set & Side Stuff A,B,Fatpack versions, all c/m
-If you purchase the fatpack, there is a bonus piece of decor included!

MARUSHIN [MRS] Bottle Beer
MARUSHIN [MRS] [MRS]Vending machine[1984]
MARUSHIN [MRS]Buns Steamer
MARUSHIN [MRS] Denshoku Kanban
taikou / plastic folding table
taikou / round plastic stool stack
taikou / water boiler
–ANHELO-G01B1-168GA :: beer case A *sponsored*
–ANHELO-G01B1-168GA :: beer case B *sponsored*
[Breno]Dragon Cup Stack
BALACLAVA!! Ramen Cup Stack
BALACLAVA!! Original Ramen w/Chopsticks
Soy. the soy sause
*bbqq*-Hawker Gacha (12) Chopsticks
Dahlia – Belmar – Mini Fridge – Blue *sponsored*
DYNASTY – Shanghai Escape – Vintage Poster  *sponsored*
Consignment [Con.] Hack plant
-David Heather-Backpack/Mud
[L] Decoration Ping An JiXiang
Seven Emporium 7 – The Filmore Factory Clock *sponsored*
junk. old radiator.|
junk. dome ceiling light. icy.
Soy. Oriental Plants [potted fruticosa]
Soy + Toro. water bamboo *sponsored*
Soy + Toro. neon sign Chinese restaurant *sponsored*
Muniick- (PG) Classic Web strap Lawn Chair
oyasumi / lawn chair / blue
::no13:: rolling screen *sponsored*
Ablaze Vintage Horror Comics
Himiko Toga YO_V Boy – Mesh


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