Buried Motives

Cube is back! With a lovely collection of Beech hedges for Salem’s annual event.

The tombstones really brought up the mood I was going for and they are from Atelier Burgundy, also at Salem. Do stop by to see these goodies in person. I’ve included some info below as well.

September is going by so quickly, you sneeze and its already time to break out the mini kitkats! With that, I am planning on slowing my posting down this week to focus on some 1st world things.

In the meantime, I’ve gathered a few links to other SL Blogs to enjoy!

Blacklisted by Blair Lockhearst
Tapas & Clothes by Trouble Dethly
Majesty by Ebony Cyberstar
The Glamour Sauce by Kess Crystal

If you’re not already following them, then stop by and ring the doorbell with Cozey gusto!

Always remember you have a place here.. Until next time my friend! ♥

@Salem 2022
Ft. Cube Republic Beech Hedge Set -c/m, includes 5 textures via HUD
Cube Republic Beech Hedge Arch (4li)
Cube Republic Beech Hedge Low (1li)
Cube Republic Wooden Gate Collision (2li)
Atelier Burgundy . Tombstones .
Atelier Burgundy . Tombstones Grass II Dry
-Garden- by anc “ginza” willowtree 2Li (green)

The rest of the gang-
Cube Republic Douglas Fir
Cube Republic Brambles Section
Cube Republic Jungle Grass Dry
Cube Republic Pans Oak
DISORDERLY. / Luminos / Cream
[FOURTH WALL] Leafy Dirt Path
[FOURTH WALL] Leafy Dirt Hill
Death Row Designs Mystery Mansion Web
+Half-Deer+ Thorny Vines II
JIAN Raven Collection :: Spooky Tree
JIAN Raven Collection
HPMD* Garden Tree Autumn


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