A Cozey Medley

Sometimes comfy cozy in my head spells out this way.

Greetings my fellow weekend bloggidy scroller! welcome to yet another lovely fall themed scene, and this time we have salesss galore!

The magic word for the season I think. I also placed a key word today, because…. subliminal messaging works, sometimes!

Do peruse the credits with gusto, and see what you can find out on the grid today.

@Salem Prism Events
Pitaya – Blanket chest (all colors)

@Happy Weekend Sales 9.23
MADRAS Fern Decor Silver

@Collabor88 Sept. 2022
andika{Homemade Dunkaroo Dip}Relive the 90’s Dispenser Cup
andika{Homemade Dunkaroo Dip}Relive the 90’s-Choco Dispenser

@Seraphim Outlet
(Milk Motion) vintage bench

Fifty Linden Friday 9.23
Ariskea[Ambre] Autumn Flowers Bouquet -Sun Decor version
BALACLAVA!! Clyde Coat Rack
BALACLAVA!! Clyde Entryway Bench

Other comfy things –
DISORDERLY. / Light Pine / Pots
Pitaya – Wild relics – Decorative wheel
Pitaya – Wood Curtains DARK
Pitaya – Farm Curtains
[Cinoe] Hole in one – Two-tone donuts
HIDEKI – Wooden Craft Town
.:revival:. book pile & candle 2
.:revival:. scrapbook
PILOT – Wicker Ball Decor
PILOT – Pumpkin Mice [Orange] | *no longer in store or mp*
PILOT – Crate Pumpkin Display
8f8 Little Treats – Vitta
8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Old Rugs
tarte. apple basket
tarte. pine tree in basket
tarte. twinkle tree
[Black Bantam] Binded Rope Acorn String
7 – Lightbox Letters
Atelier Burgundy . Ferrum . Iron Glass Panel


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