The 22nd of all Septembers culminated into one moment, one breath of knowing, believing, and being.

That was my mantra sorta this morning as we awoke to a congested, but usual Seattle fall skyline.

So this build, was a unique challenge 🙂 It is by Cory Edo of Trompe Loeil, called the Chios Rocky Shelter and is out now at Collabor88’s September round.

It took me a good two weeks to finally decide that a foresty outcrop cave, sanctuary if you will, is what I was aiming for, and thankfully the trees cooperated today. I’m posting links to other photographers/bloggers take for your inspo:

Ebony’s Before the StormBlog | Flickr

Mady & Snoops Cave Gameroom – Blog | Flickr

I hope this gives some context for our photo today. May this new quarter of the year bring you much needed rest and good health!

@Collabor88 Sept. 2022
Trompe Loeil – Chios Rocky Shelter
Trompe Loeil – Hanging Modern Fireplace

@Cosmo (ends Oct. 1st)
Konoha – Populus saisei

Other sensible yet magical items-
HISA – Rocky heights Set
HISA – Climbing Vines
Cube Republic Douglas Firs
Cube Republic Reed Green with Flower
Cube Republic Green Sedge
HPMD* Garden Trees Autumn
FINCA – pond moss
Soul2Soul. Japanese Acer. Osakazuki
Soul2Soul. Japanese Acer. Bloodgood
Skye Waterfall
Eli Baily Ivy
Buddha Statue by Frankie Fae
Sequel – Divider Walls – Waterfall Light

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