Snuggle away

Itsss sweatah weathah! Some much needed Cozey furnishings for these bed buds.

A couple of previews for Kustom9; Kraftwork’s Autumn Bedroom will have you customizing Fall patterns so deliciously. Click here to see the entire set in its…entirety.

And Dahlia will also be releasing the Sienna set, a sweet console with beautiful rustic textures, and additional fall themed decor that you can see in all its glory here.

The middle of September always perks me right up, not just because of the PSL, but also my two gigantic cherry trees start to figure out that its that time of the year.

Time for crispy crunchy leaves and brisk early morning air!

Dahlia – Sienna – Console Table – Washed Brown
Dahlia – Sienna – Rug
Dahlia – Sienna – Table Lamp
Dahlia – Sienna – Stacked Pumpkins
Dahlia – Sienna – Candle Trio – Black
Dahlia – Sienna – Round Mirror – Black
Dahlia – Sienna – Pillows In Basket – Navy
KraftWork Autumn Bedroom . Bed PG
KraftWork Autumn Bedroom . Side Table

Other Cozey things-
KraftWork Cashmere Collection . Eucalyptus Arrangement Light
Dahlia – Autumn Mood – Latte Dispenser 3
Atelier Burgundy . Chester Office Decor . Leather Box Single
Soul2Soul. Rustic Chic Bowl w/Pinecones
Concept} 07. Geneve.Clay vases
Concept} 06. Dunas woods
*YS&YS* Memories Books
[ zerkalo ] Vienna Flower Vase
Apple Fall Cushion – Toile, Cream
Oh Deer! Uplifting – Fox Friend
C L A Vv. Nerdy Sketchbook
JIAN Sleeping Husky Gift
Compulsion Plant 12

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