Check my attitude

Exponential energy and chaotic creativity, wrapped up in a 5ft tall package of sugar and spice.

This month’s theme for C88 is an ode to the Grungey grunger in all of us. What could be grungier than a tattoo parlor really, unless you know a bougie one in real life? With like…. pearlescenty metals, filtered spritz facial water…fluffy rugs??

So this was fun to pull together.. I still love that shopping events still utilize themes for their designers. I understand burn-out is a real threat, but I like to believe that the creative part of our brains, usually win over lol.

Call me optimistic, call me hopeful, but don’t call me late for dinner!

OMG don’t shoot.

@Collabor88 September 2022
DISORDERLY. / Grunge Clutter / Chair
DISORDERLY. / Grunge Clutter / Guitar
DISORDERLY. / Grunge Clutter / Chandelier
Kalopsia – Clark’s Ink Display
Kalopsia – Clark’s Side Table
Kalopsia – Clark’s Tattoo Machine
Kalopsia – Clark’s Old Chair
Kalopsia – Clark’s Art Frame – Skull Katana
Kalopsia – Clark’s Art Frame – Kuchisake Onna
Kalopsia – Clark’s Art Frame – Portraits
Kalopsia – Clark’s Art Frame – Skull & Flowers
Kalopsia – Clark’s Tattoos Neon
Kalopsia – Clark’s Stool
Consignment [Con.] City Bar cart

Other rad stuffs –
::no13:: Rainy day Reykjavik (36LI Build)
..::THOR::.. Old Genoa Photo Holder
..::THOR::.. Old Column Drill
C L A Vv. Scattered Vinyls
C L A Vv. Recycled Vinyl End Table Lighter
.random.Matter. – Dorm Life – Soju Bottles
hipster rug – mesh – mimmi

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