Your 1, your 2

Ahhh, a quiet Saturday morning, in the stillness of an early autumn weekend..

And so we would like to share Avani’s latest release for Anthem, the Dato collection. What an array of beautifully crafted pieces for your Cozey space! And of course, there is the signature custom texturing options (HUD), and you’ll want to zoom in with a cranked up graphics pref to see just how intricate each pixel turned out… its massive ❤

Today marks an important one in my RL home. After the onset of the Covid closures for the colleges in Seattle and in California, all three of my adult children came back to the nest, along with their belongings.

Suffice to say, it has been a very interesting experiment in family togetherness, sharing one kitchen, sharing one bathroom (again), sharing a single driveway. I loved having them home, and yet I love that  2 of my little birdies are flying to their own nest, finally.

Its been a long time coming, and I am the type that likes to mull over big real life changes and decisions. How do you cope? Is your SL part of it? SO thankful to have a place to come to and just be..

Do be sure to check out the credits for all the details. I am always a ping away if needed!

@Anthem Sept. 2022
Avani Dato Collection Double Door Distressed Cabinet, Found
Avani Dato Collection Reclaimed Beam Pedestal with Vessel
Avani Dato Collection Camel Water Pot on Stand
Avani Dato Collection Stacked Trunks Set
Avani Dato Collection Marble Tray with Accessories
Avani Dato Collection Cross Occasional Stool

Other gorgeous pieces-
Avani Binu Rug Collection
Avani Orono Collection Slope Slipcovered Sofa
Avani Huron Collection Leaning Frame
Avani Macon Collection Slice Bookend with Magazines
Avani Macon Collection Found Wood Tribal Mask
Avani Mirko Collection Elm Wood Coffee Table
Avani Framed Pillow Collection, Fog on Black Lumbar
Avani Olivere Collection Floor Task Lamp Tall, Iron
tarte. hanging marble pothos plant
Soy. Hanging Succulent [Fish Hooks]
What Next {wn} Kentia Palm Plant (basket)
What Next {wn} Fiddle Leaf Plant (basket)
Fancy Decor: Marbled Teapot – white
Fancy Decor: Marbled Teacup – white – full
Fancy Decor: Marbled Tea Set – white
Mudhoney Solid Drapes
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Neverland Clock
(Seven Emporium) 7 – Filmore Los Angeles Sign
(Seven Emporium) 7 – Filmore Seoul Sign
Alouette – Medieval Candle Style
{yumyum} Vertical Garden (Iron)

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