Falling Again

But this time, we’re falling for fall!

If you have a handy dandy wheelbarrow around, you’ll want to bringeth when shopping Farmer’s Market this go around. Produce abounds and some new faces added!

I’d forgotten how lovely this season can be in all her marvelousness. Here’s to a new week and the beginning of the ‘bers!

@Farmers Market September 2022
BROKEN ARROWS – Pumpkin Farm – White Boards
BROKEN ARROWS – Pumpkin Farm – Colorful Pumpkin Basket (Clear)
BROKEN ARROWS – Pumpkin Farm – Pile Plates & White Pumpkin
BROKEN ARROWS – Pumpkin Farm – Vase Leaves
Atelier Burgundy . Burgundy Farm Crate Dark III
Atelier Burgundy . Burgundy Farm Crate Worn II
YourDreams {YD} Apple basket
YourDreams {YD}Pumpkin basket – Variations
BTW – Pumpkin Harvest Centerpiece
Aardvark : Antique Flowers & Vase
Serenity Style– Farmers Milk Cart

Other fally things-
hive // falling leaves . close
hive // ground leaves . close
hive // broken farmer’s market sign
hive // the old barn
PLAAKA Wheat EnamelMilkJug
PLAAKA Wheat EnamelPitcher
PLAAKA Wheat Jug
Soy. Dried Plants Set [D]
brocante. farm bucket sapling / green
Alouette – Medieval Candles
[we’re CLOSED] party lights


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