Cuddle S’more, please

Few more hours to collect some fall favorites for the season!

Please forgive me for inundating your bloggyscrolling feed with my catching-uppy-ness! I could not wait to share this cute photo so here we are!

Ooooph, when the oranges, yellows and reds come out it definitely feels like Autumn is about to make her appearance.

Do peruse ye ole creditos, the Finca pumpkins are still on sale for a few more hours at their main store location. Dahlia’s Autumn Cookie Tray is also still out for Farmers Market which ends very soon.

@Kustom9 Aug/Sept 2022
Dahlia – Catskill – Blanket – PG
Dahlia – Catskill – Fairy Lights Teepee
Dahlia – Catskill – Macrame
Dahlia – Catskill – S’more Pop Dispenser
Dahlia – Catskill – S’mores Tray Dispenser
Dahlia – Catskill – Toast Marshmallow – Personal Hold

@Anthem Sept. 2022
Aardvark : Pumpkin Latte Dispenser Green Stem – Yellow Mugs
Aardvark : Pumpkin Latte Hearts / Yellow (Decor)
Aardvark : Pumpkin Latte Ghost / Yellow (Decor)

@FINCA mainstore
FINCA – Fall pumpkin SET – Natural Topiary

other autumnal awesomeness-
Konoha – Wild Sunflowers
Dahlia – Autumn – Cookie Tray – Maple Leaves – Dispenser
Dahlia – Joy – Flower Candles – Gold
Dahlia – Sophia – Sunflowers
Dahlia – Posh – Low Table – Gold
DISORDERLY. / Glass Fall / Inside / Brown / Decor
Lagom – Cozy Pillow pile
Ariskea[Red Fox] Sunflower Basket
JIAN Kitten Collection :: Static (Snuggle Pile)
*MishMish* Mouse – Light Tea
MADRAS Ooty Tea Tray Walnut

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