Dreaming all day

Sharing a late summer vignette as we welcome an autumnal horizon!

This was a particularly lovely little snug that Soul2Soul released for Cosmo and there are a few days left for a good deal on it!

So many pretty oceany things there are too.. its fun to mix up your themes once in a while to keep it interesting.

I love the Whale Ceiling Glass Deco from Howl, and its out now at Warehouse Event. Can you spot more whales in the pic?

@Cosmo (ends Sept. 3rd)
Soul2Soul. Sienna Snug
Soul2Soul. Sienna Snug Stool
Soul2Soul. Sienna Snug Coffee Table
Soul2Soul. Sienna Snug Exotic Juice
Soul2Soul. Sienna Snug Snacks
Soul2Soul. Sienna Potted Olive Tree Medium
Soul2Soul. Sienna Potted Olive Tree Small

@Farmer’s Market Aug/Sept
MADRAS End of Summer Shells
MADRAS End of Summer Murex

@Warehouse Sale
Howl – Whale Ceiling Glass Deco Sky blue

@Fifty Event
{vespertine} – animal planters. – fish.
Soy. Hanging Succulent [Donky’s Tails]
Soy. Hanging Succulent [Ruby Necklaces]

Trompe Loeil Dakhla Outdoor Bed Modified for plants only

Other goodies-
Konoha – Opuntia fop
MADRAS DriftWood Lace B
MADRAS Nena Whale Decor White
Concept} 07. Geneve.Clay vases
Dahlia – Montauk – Music & Magazine
+Half-Deer+ Ceiling Drapes
Cube Republic Sedge Green

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