Sunlit Lands

Lots to unpack today, have a sat, lets chat!

Trompe Loeil’s High Tides Cabin is the latest build for Uber and comes in a matchy-matchy set with the Low tide version available at The Fifty Event. This is the front right portion of the patio and I chose the high tide version because I have an aversion to low tide 😛

Growing up in Hawaii, we didn’t really see the effects of tides, but when I moved to Seattle, my eyes were wide open! I think the only reason I ever go out to the water during low tide is to harvest clams.. I am that picky.

Finca’s latest release for Cosmo is the Giardino Patio Set. If you get the fatpack, you’ll have optional chair versions and lamps to play around with. Also featured is their Montana Decor release that is available at the Finca Main store. TONS of smol decor pieces to spruce up your patio.

I realize it has been quiet around Cozey lately. She needed a little breather, but I think summer’s just like that for all of us on the SL decor blogosphere?

I hope you’re keeping cool. Thank you always for visiting us on your daily blogscroll!

@Uber July 2022
Trompe Loeil – High Tides Cabin
47LI, and 16.6 meters by 26 meters footprint

@Cosmo July 2022
FINCA – Giardino Patio table
FINCA – Giardino Patio drapes
FINCA – Giardino Patio Rug
FINCA – Giardino Patio chair C
FINCA – Giardino Patio chair D
FINCA – Giardino Patio Lamp D
FINCA – Giardino Patio flower bag yellow
FINCA – Giardino Patio flower bag pink
FINCA – Giardino hand fan decor

@FINCA Mainstore Location
FINCA – Montana covers
FINCA – Montana Painting magazines
FINCA – Montana side table WA
FINCA – Montana lamp
FINCA – News magazine open
FINCA – Montana inciense
FINCA – Montana Vases
FINCA – Montana plant vase
FINCA – Montana basket
FINCA – Montana Center table WA

@Anthem July 2022
dust bunny . blackwater decor . guitar . natural
dust bunny . blackwater decor . bag . cream
dust bunny . blackwater decor . hide rug . cream

@Wanderlust till 7/31
LouChara Fleur Hanging Plants and Candles

@Saturday Sale today only!
hive // potted plants . cordyline tree . pot c
hive // potted plants . gold dust dracaenas . pot b

Other goodies –
FINCA – Sand Fence
FINCA – Aloe Vera tall
FINCA – Aloe Vera
FINCA – Peperomia growing green
FINCA – tall areca in pot
Apple Fall West Village Heart Eucalyptus Spray
Soy. Reed Screen [Sudare] Light -Half rolled
Atelier Burgundy . Chester Office Decor . Books Floor
Atelier Burgundy . Sketcher Clutter . Watercolor Case
Atelier Burgundy . Sketcher Clutter . Paints
Atelier Burgundy . Sketcher Clutter . Color wheel
Atelier Burgundy . Sketcher Clutter . Water Cup
[Cinoe] Colored pencil box (decor)
[Cinoe] Green pencil stand (decor)
[Cinoe] Blue pencil stand (decor)
Concept} 08. Rodas. Bench
(Fundati) Beach Dunes
Cube Republic CR Pampas Grass

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