Good to me

Summer’s in its zenith, and we have plenty of decor eye candy for you!

Elm’s Vera Pool is the stuff of DIY dreams.. do you remember when galvanized pools became a thing? All my 1st life friends were enamored and I still couldn’t quite ‘get it’. Well I do now!

Dust Bunny’s Road Trip Scooter collab with Consignment is also out now at Kustom9, so when  you’re done double dipping, it’s already prepped for your long-cation!

I’ve added lots of details, so do check out ye ole creditos for info.

Hoping you’re staying cool out there, as I down my 100th ice cube for the day.

@Kustom9 July 2022
Elm. Vera Pool [PG] ~ Yellow
Elm. Vera Pool Platform
Elm. Vera Decor: Tapestry #3
Elm. Vera Lawn Chair #2 ~ White
Elm. Vera Lawn Chair #3 ~ White
Elm. Vera Decor: Beach Ball #2 [Yellow]
Elm. Vera Decor: Rug #3
Elm. Vera Decor: Drinks
Elm. Vera Pool Umbrella
dust bunny & consignment . road trip scooter . mint . pg

@Access July 2022
Elm. Lorelei Letterbox L [Ivy] ~ Black

@Collabor88 July 2022
NOMAD // Inflatable Tentacle B // Flamingo

Other goodies-
Elm. Wren Shelf ~ Tall
Elm. Daisy Mini Picnic Basket [Pink]
Dahlia – Cici – Cushion Table
Dahlia X MADRAS – Praiano – Water Bottle
FINCA – 3 lotus candles
FINCA – Philodendron B/pink
FINCA – hanging pot ivy – pink
Konoha Rhododendron dane
Konoha – Lavender fields
What’s Next {wn} Malia Lantern #1 – offwhite
+Half-Deer+ Starbreeze Palm Tree (Potted/Natural)
Soy. Stepping Tiles
MudHoney Pile of Towels
Atelier Burgundy . Chester Office Decor . Wicker Small Basket
Atelier Burgundy . Chester Office Decor . Leather Box Single
[Cinoe] Clean every day – Soap bottle (Green/Pink)

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