Its Like That

The Alix Collection by Avani is out now at Equal10! Sooo many texture combos you can play with!

And what’s great is that many of the current releases out at Avani’s mainstore, go so well with this collection.

I resurrected a few pieces from MudHoney for you decor sleuths. I had plans to take a week’s break but a few days was all I needed lol.

Hope your weekend is a smooth one!

@Equal10 July 2022
Avani Alix Collection Barrelback Side Chair
Avani Alix Collection Side Chest
Avani Alix Collection Overized Shadow Frame Abstract Works
Avani Alix Collection Orb Marble Accent Table Lamp
Avani Alix Collection Lacquered Catch All Tray
Avani Alix Collection Books in Grasscloth Slipcase
Avani Alix Collection Slide Card Carrier Wallet
Avani Alix Collection Phone & Keys

(Chair: 12 Luxurious linen options (PG 60+ bento animations, Adult 120+ bento animations), Lamp: 5 Marble options, 2 hardware finishes, 2 shade options, Chest: 4 Wood finishes, 3 hardware finishes, Tray: 6 Lacquers, Art: 4 Styles, Books: 3 Grass cloth colors, Phone & Keys: 2 Key Colors)

Other chic things-
Avani Adi Rug Collection
Avani East Display Cabinet, Narrow
Avani Display Books
Avani Olivere Collection Maison Side Table, Iron
Avani Taper Holder Collection Tall, Iron
Avani Mudcloth Collection, White on Black Lumbar Two
Avani Framed Pillow Collection, Fog on Black Square Three
Avani Mirko Collection Found Vessel Collection
MudHoney Wooden Boxes w/ Metal Diamond
MudHoney Paxton Wicker Table
MudHoney Paxton Aloe
MudHoney Paxton Snake Grass
MudHoney Lenore Roses
MudHoney Lenore Books
MudHoney Lenore Candle 3 black
MudHoney Calla Stool – Beige
MudHoney Calla Pot Oinochoe
MudHoney Talia Rock Bowl
MudHoney Azalea Plant 2
MudHoney Piper Screen Black
MudHoney Drapes Solid
Dahlia – Sia – Cement Sphere
Apple Fall Plant Stand, Tall – Iron
MudHoney Little Birdy
22769 – Hanging Plant
+Half-Deer+ Twinkle Stringlights –
Artisan Fantasy Houseplant Snake Plant
::TeddyJr:: Store Venetian Blinds

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