Succulent Seashells

Sunshiney seashells and cutiecute cacti for a smol summery vignette..

Grouping together smol decor is something I have tried working on throughout the years. Sometimes the materials aren’t matchy matchy, and that really is okay.

It is fun to layer heights and throw in a random theme here and there. That is the beauty, I think, of eclectic decor.

There really is room for everyone (everything) in the frame lol.

MishMish – Cactus Cutie – Sunny 4
MishMish – Cactus Cutie – Youngling 6
DISORDERLY. / Accent Neutral / Blue
BLACK NEST / Moykky Weave Floor Lamp
Kalopsia – Sand & Shells Lamp (Pink/Purple)

@Fifty Linden Friday 7.8.2022
Consignment [Con.] Panther Chair – Blue A

@SL Home Decor Sale 7.9-10
ZAKER : Plants wall Decor BlkIron

Other fun things-
DISORDERLY. / Lightly Shelled / Jars / Blue
Soul2Soul. Chartreuse Ribbed Vase
Consignment [Con.] & :CP: Quiet Night TV Unit
Consignment [Con.] Athena Dining Set – Book Basket
Avani Binu Rug Collection
BROKEN ARROWS – Maresia – Coat Rack – White
KraftWork Cashmere Collection . Side Table
Kalopsai – Plants – Short Stand
MADRAS Bee Bottle Grass Decor
MADRAS Sheep Vase White
MADRAS Fish Vase White
Bazar Crete-Succulents
CHEZ MOI Sunnyside Yellow Lamp
Zigana . door deco . colored
Zigana . elephant small orange 1
Five Minutes After CACTUS 2015
floorplan. potted cactus
=Mirage= Potted Palm 4
Dahlia – Raine – Canvas Wall Art Stack
.:revival:. book pile & candle
[ keke ] twinkling lights log
Sequel – Divider Walls – Slants
Atelier Burgundy . Simple Curtain

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