Let’s not look at each other who will get off first, let’s not drag things out, let’s follow our hearts..
Let’s put an end to this, a repeated seesaw game.

A plethora of decor for a middle of the week self care evening. Some for comfort, some for contemplation, some for creative expression, and some snacks for the soul.

You are always welcomed!

Cheers to the rest of your week fellow traveler of the blogdom.

@Anthem June 2022
Dahlia – Lestur – Popcorn Tray Dispenser – Brown
Dahlia – Lestur – Root Beer – Red – Decor

DISORDERLY. / Party Summer / Kebab Tray / Red

@Food Court (ends June 28th)
DISORDERLY. / Bundt Summer / Blueberry / Big Stand
DISORDERLY. / Bundt Summer / Blueberry / Small Stand
DISORDERLY. / Bundt Summer / Strawberry / Big Stand

Other fun things-
C L A Vv. Floral Record Player
C L A Vv. Scattered Transparent Vinyls A
C L A Vv. CDs Rack Wood
C L A Vv. Stack of Comic Books 1
C L A Vv. Box of Vinyls
C L A Vv. Nerdy Sketchbook
Soy + Toro. Torovision TV
mintae. Aesthetic Flavor – Yellow
mintae. Kawaii Tech – Blue Speaker
dust bunny . quirky planters 2 . dino planter
dust bunny . quirky planters 2 . owl planter
.random.Matter. – Dorm Life – Laptop [Black]
.random.Matter. – Dorm Life – Textbooks
Garbaggio // TaeHo – Day
Garbaggio // TaeHo (Display)
kotte – moomoo cow – 1Li rez (static)
kotte – plush buddies – tiger
kotte – bear slippers – polar
hipster rug – mesh – mimmi

Ruminate with me...

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