Second Season

Full on march into the sunnylands!

Had so much fun setting this scene up with Kraftwork’s newest release for the Arcade.

There are so many ways you could design the layout for the Biarritz Garden collection, and if you’re lucky enough to win more than one Gazebo, try layering both in your next summer garden photo shoot!

Also the Treillage Panels are popular right now, here are a few links to fellow SL bloggers who are featuring them:

Sunshine over the Grass by NatG

Summertime by Maria (Sassypants)

Provence soul by Miru

Wistful Wisteria by Kess Crystal

If you’re looking for more inspo ideas from Kraftwork, you’ll have fun scrolling through their group Flickr Stream.

This will probably mark the last post covering the June edition of the Arcade. I hope you had fun seeing all the goods through my imagination! Do visit before the end of the month if you haven’t yet!

@Arcade June 2022 (ends June 30th)
KraftWork Biarritz Garden . Gazebo Rare
KraftWork Biarritz Garden . Geometric Rug
KraftWork Biarritz Garden . Ceiling Fan
KraftWork Biarritz Garden . Strelitzia Vase
KraftWork Biarritz Garden . Fountain
KraftWork Biarritz Garden . Pathway
KraftWork Biarritz Garden . Treillage Panel Full White
KraftWork Biarritz Garden . Chair Full White
KraftWork Biarritz Garden . Table Full White
KraftWork Biarritz Garden . Decor Place Setting
KraftWork Biarritz Garden . Calla Lily Vase

@Vintage Fair 2022
Konoha – Calla lilies – Zantedeschia kimika – Clump 1

Other lovely goods-
Konoha – Nanohana – Line
Konoha – Natoma’s Boxwood Hedges
Konoha – Oxalis de Bellevue
Konoha – Magnolia intent
Cube Republic CR Bearded Iris
Cube Republic Reeds Green
HISA – Climbing Vines – Pink
[PM]Pixel Mode – Landscape Lights
Stormwood Roman Paving Stones

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