I would love to just ‘be’ in a space like this..

Dutchie is a long time standing home decor brand and I’m thankful Caitlyn reached out to me to share some past releases. Caitlyn and I met through a mutual friend of ours who has since passed. Reminiscing brought a flood of memories back, from a time I was not doing so well mentally.

And the conversation I found was very healing, very open and the gratitude flowed so easily. These are the kinds of connections I love making in this virtual world of ours.

The outdoor shower and hot tub are previous releases, but I am really digging this ‘outdoor’ bath, vibe that we have got going on here at Cozey. And are they LOADED with PG/Adult animations, of course, its Dutchie!

So do be sure to visit the main store if you are looking to spice up your patio.. balcony even 😛

The salad continues…

@The Fifty (ends June 19th!)
Trompe Loeil – Axion Modern Cottage
• Footprint is 21.6 meters by 47 meters
Land Impact is 82

Dutchie Wood Burning Hot Tub 
• Land impact: 11 prims
• 100% original mesh
• Materials applied
• Mod and Copy

Dutchie Outdoor Shower 
• Land impact: 7 prims
• 100% original mesh
• Materials applied
• Mod and Copy

Dahlia – Wonderful Day – Pavers – Diagonal
Dahlia – Wonderful Day – Pavers – Plain

Other goods-
Avani Lily Collection Painted Oversized Console, All
Avani Lily Collection Oversized Jar Lamp, Coconut
Avani Lily Collection Potted Pony Plant
Avani Olivere Collection Dakhla Coast Framed, 2
Dutchie Color-change Curtains Long Wide
dust bunny . leafy rugs . palm . white
dust bunny . leafy rugs . monstera . green
dust bunny . leafy rugs . fringe leaf . green
dust bunny . paradise plants . fan palm
Dahlia – Sia – Cement Sphere
Dahlia – North Star – Ivy
Elm. Elaine Decor ~ Candles
Concept} 03.Botanic. Table
Concept} 03. Rodas. Bottles
Pitaya – Farm Table Mood – Cellar Bottle Opaque
hive // bird of paradise plant v2
FINCA – pond moss
Bazar Crete-Succulents
*Artisan Fantasy* Log Planter – Sempervivum
*Artisan Fantasy* Log Planter – Mixed Succulents
*KOPI* Display Board_Succulent Plant
Soy. Ivy Trellis (parts: ivy branch thick)
MudHoney Towel Ladder
MudHoney Pile of Towels
[we’re CLOSED] paper lanterns white branch 2 light


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