Tomorrow Me

The Tomorrow me is just out of reach so that the me of today, will continue to move forward.

Ruts are an interesting place to be in life. Did you ever notice how it takes only one moment of traction to get you moving again?

That is what it was like for me last year around fall. You could say, I had ‘fallen’ back into this magical virtual metaverse, or fallen back into blogging, or fallen back into digital photography.

I think it was the company that I missed. And you are terribly kind to have stayed, you gorgeous person you xoxo

Do peruse the ole credits, there are few good finds at The Vintage Fair this year that’ll tickle your Art Deco senses.

@Vintage Fair 2022
Dirty Rat -Art Deco Table
Dirty Rat – Art Deco Arm Chair B[DECOR]
Dirty Rat – Art Deco Arm Chair A[DECOR]
Dirty Rat – Art Deco Lamp[DECOR]
Dirty Rat – Art Deco Wall Lamp [DECOR]
Dirty Rat – Art Deco Rug
Eclectica- 40’s Sideboard-display version
Eclectica- 40’s Nesting tables
Eclectica- 40’s Mantle Clock
Eclectica- 40’s Wall shelf-clean

Other decor-
Elm. Haley Chandelier ~ Gold
Dahlia – Jet Set – Martini Stand – Dispenser
The Vordun: Fall of the Rebel Angels
Fancy Decor: Terzo Candles
Fancy Decor: Terzo Vases
17 Fancy Decor + KraftWork Fete d’hiver: Wine Glass
*HEXtraordinary* Victorian Cat Lamp
*HEXtraordinary* Brass Stand Betta Aquarium
.02 [ kunst ] – Globe Whiskey bottle (dispenser) RARE
.12 [ kunst ] – Globe Whiskey glasses
[ zerkalo ] Casino Gacha – Decanter
[ zerkalo ] Bunker Bar Gacha – Shelf w/Bottles
Soy. Green Plants Wall Panel
dust bunny . hanging plants . ivy planter
..::THOR::.. NY Chrysler Enameled Frame
..::THOR::.. NY Empire Enameled Frame
..::THOR::.. NY Rockefeller Enameled Frame
Soul2Soul. Penzance Curculigo Plant
+CONVAIR+ Boston Skybox

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