Get it, Let it, Roll

Know that we got that heat!

You’re a trooper for visiting our smol corner fellow virtual decor enthusiast!

And for humoring me with my obsession with a certain music group. This is my hidey place for the weekend, I opted to stay put instead of traveling.

Airports, airplanes, city transportation, hotels, is all well and good and FUN! And will probably do so a few times a month. Just not today.. today we stay ❤


@Collabor88 June 2022
DISORDERLY. / Party Summer / Drink Bucket / Red
DISORDERLY. / Party Summer / Cooler / Blue
[ba] corner pergola
floorplan. tea light lantern (patina)

@Arcade June 2022
2. 22769 – Summer Lounger – Blue Lagoon
6. 22769 – Beanbag – Hibiscus
[IK] Picnic on the Beach – Cushion (PG)
[IK] Picnic on the Beach – Picnic Basket
[IK] Picnic on the Beach – Radio
[IK] Picnic on the Beach – Bag
[IK] Picnic on the Beach – Fondue
[IK] Picnic on the Beach – Lamp
[IK] Picnic on the Beach – Tent

@Anthem June 2022
Dahlia – Lestur – Hurricane Candle – Large
Dahlia – Lestur – Hurricane Candle – Small

Other goods-
Dahlia – Summer Fling – Beach Clutter Dispenser
Dahlia – Summer Fling – Cuddle Beach Towel – Lemon
Dahlia – Summer Fling – Flamingo Planter
hive // kentia palm plant II
hive // bird of paradise plant v1
FINCA – Aloe Vera tall spotted
=Mirage= Potted Palm 4
Soy. Bamboo Curtain


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