Smooth Like

We got that summer time glow so….

The Bianca Wicker set by Kalopsia has some of the best colors for summer, so be sure to stop by C88 to see the demo and combine your own mixy mixes!

The weekend is upon us, and hopefully clearer skies and sunshine breezes ❤

@Collabor88 June 2022
Kalopsia – Bianca’s Wicker Couch (Straight)
Kalopsia – Bianca’s Wicker Couch (Corner)
Kalopsia – Bianca’s Wicker Couch (Empty)
Kalopsia – Bianca’s Magazine
Kalopsia – Bianca’s Books
Kalopsia – Bianca’s Mug
Kalopsia – Bianca’s Lantern
BLACK NEST / Iloinen Marble Decor
Elm. Elaine Decor ~ Mirror [Light]
Elm. Elaine Decor ~ Lamp [Light]
Trompe Loeil – Tehama Modern Cottage

Other funsies-
Kalopsia – Liz’s Rug
Kalopsia – Fringe Wall Hanging (Gold)
[PM]Pixel Mode – Long Drapes
Dahlia – High Tide – Tropical Cocktail – Dispenser
Dahlia – High Tide – Side Table – Peach
Dahlia – High Tide – Plant
Dahlia – High Tide – Seahorse Marquee Sign 1
Dahlia – High Tide – Tagine – Sea
Dahlia – High Tide – Summertime Marquee Sign
Dahlia – Olivia – Orchid – Yellow
Dahlia – Kokomo – Monstera Plant
hive // large palm plant . dark
dust bunny . fiddle leaf tree
Aria & The Loft – Dakota glass orbs
*AF* Hanging Plant – Pothos
junk. rocket lamp. bamboo.

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