Love Yourself

You’ve shown me I have reasons!

Maybe there’s no answer
Maybe this isn’t the answer either
It’s just that loving myself
Doesn’t require anyone else’s permission
I’m looking for myself again
But I don’t wanna die anymore
Me, who used to be sad
Me, who used to be hurt
It’ll make me more beautiful

Yes, I have that beauty
Knowing that is going
On the path to loving myself
It’s what I need the most
I’m walking for myself
It’s an action needed for me
My attitude towards myself
That’s the happiness I need for me
I’ll show you what I got
I’m not afraid because it’s me

@Anthem June 2022
Avani Lily Collection Painted Oversized Console, All
Avani Lily Collection Oversized Jar Lamp, Steel
Avani Lily Collection Stone Incense Boat, Lit
Avani Lily Collection Resting Vessel on Books
Avani Lily Collection Framed Marble Wash Art
Avani Lily Collection Potted Pony Plant
Avani Lily Collection Tube Gallery Light, Iron
Avani Open Magazine on Stand, Pride (Pride at Home)

Trompe Loeil – Solano Cove Modern Cottage (Uber)
-modded just a weeeee bit

@Farmer’s Market
MADRAS Sheep Vase White
MADRAS Bee Bottle Grass Decor

Other items:
Avani Orono Collection Louis Bergere Chair, All
Avani French Campaign Collection Side Table, Bleached Oak
Avani Adi Rug Collection, All
Avani Shea Collection Books & Bowl Decor
Soul2Soul. Cambridge Phoenix Palm -Fatpack
Soul2Soul. Penzance Bird-of-Paradise Palm -Fatpack
Soul2Soul. Cambridge Ginger Jar
Soul2Soul. Chartreuse Wooden Vase
Soul2Soul. Chartreuse Ribbed Vase
Soul2Soul. Chartreuse Tealight
Soul2Soul. Chartreuse Tall Vase
dust bunny . potted cheese plant
dust bunny . potted bromeliad
dust bunny . potted palm
dust bunny . hanging plants . ivy planter
KraftWork Accordion Blinds . Short Narrow
HISA – Climbing Vines
FINCA – Aloe Vera tall
FINCA – pond moss
Fancy Decor: Nelsen Print
Fancy Decor: Satie Mug (with coffee)

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